Information to Guide Participants.

Step 1: Demographics

This section allows you to input your demographic information for statistical purpose and to check meeting of requirements

Step 2: Concept/Operational Business

Please select of the two: Business in Operation (if you have a registered business in Operation)
Business in Concept (if you have a great idea that you are pursuing)

Step 3:Taking a look at the market

Tell us about what the market for your service/product looks like as well as your competitors

Step 4:Introducing yourself to the world

Tell us about who you are, what is your background and what makes you as a young entrepreneur

Step 5: The Team

Tell us about everyone you are working with and what that looks like

Step 6: Documents

Please upload the following
● Sketches of model or pictures of prototype (if applicable)
● Existing business plan
● Certified copy of ID
● Business Registration Certificate (if registered business)
● Full length photo of yourself

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