Start-Up Legends – Categories

The 2015 Start-Up Legends recognizes novel ideas, innovations, products and/or services that unlock new potential in the following categories:

Green-Tech: Environment, Energy and Water

This category recognizes innovative applications that have demonstrated a lead in developing or applying cost-effective, smart renewable energy generation processes, cleaner water supply systems etc. Devices, particles, methods, filter systems that can bind, crack down, remove or mitigate pollutants and/or improve environmental pollution control are also included. Other expected outcomes include: water desalination, gas emission control, reduced dependence on fossil fuels, eco-efficient processes that abate the impact of industrial processes and products, optimization of the use of resources while minimizing waste.

Health and Wellbeing

This category recognizes innovations that have demonstrated high impact or potential in improving the physical, mental, and social well-being of individuals or communities, through prevention and/or treatment. Innovation in the Health sector increase efficiency in delivery of medical care as well as increasing preventative lifestyles that promote healthy living. Awareness and educational initiatives in this category mean overall benefit to the target market as well as the community as a whole.

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

This category recognizes innovative ICT applications that have the potential in addressing key market challenges, including:

-Software (application development, software design and development, enterprise application development, or platform development) and may include new development, or any other activities that result in software products for addressing a market challenge and has a community development impact directly or through other NGO’s or other entities.

-Mobile/Wireless Technologies that demonstrate how mobile devices can be used to address social and economic challenges. The multi-faceted use of mobiles in rural and urban community due to increased affordability provides a space in which innovative ideas can increase the quality of life of communities.


This category recognises the need to support and empower young people whose aim is to address issues related to education. It pays special attention to using skills to provide a service to their communities, elevating the education plays in developing young minds and preparing them to lead society.


This includes focus areas along the supply chain related to the transport industry. On the back hand of getting good and services to customers is the end product of in the form or vehicles and other moving automobiles. The category looks at Transportation in its entirety and will recognise business that provide goods and services that increase the efficiency of transportation supply chain. This includes, but is not limited to, skills in railways, harbour, road and airports. Factories that may be able to supply sleepers, panels for the interior of coaches, lights and other components fall into this category too.


Agricultural innovation is crucial in Africa. The skills that are crafted and applied towards maximising the output of processes that are part of producing agricultural output are targeted here. This category recognises businesses and concepts that deliver increased efficiency in preventing wastage, increasing output and keeping resources sustainable with long term value. Creating self-sufficient agricultural system that will be to the benefit of communities as well as possibly enhance agricultural practices.

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